Go Hilo

If you love lush green jungle, history, and most of all, stuffing your face - a road trip over Saddle Road to Hilo from Kona is well worth the drive. The county seat of the Big Island, Hilo is the oldest city in the Hawaiian island chain. This historic town has a lively music, arts, and food scene, plus stunning natural beauty with it’s waterfalls and beaches. Follow this guide for an epic road trip over Saddle Road from Kona to Hilo. You may not want to come back...until it starts raining.

The Historic Kohala Coast & Pololu Valley

The drive from Kona to the Kohala Coast on the northern tip of the Big Island is gorgeous. As you get north of the airport, the landscape opens up to reveal sweeping views of Mauna Kea, the Kohala Mountains, and a view of Maui’s Haleakala on a clear day. This route passes numerous world class beaches and several historical sites for those interested in Hawaiian culture and history. During the winter whale season, it’s possible to spot whales breaching along the way. The ultimate destination of this trip is spectacular Pololu Valley.

Best Places to Eat in Kona, Hawaii on a Budget

One of our favorite parts of traveling is the food. Forget about the snazzy tourist traps with overpriced, mediocre renditions of your hometown fare. It’s time to duck into that side alley and eat where the locals eat. Delicious, cheap, and worth the lunchtime line.